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Unknown said...

I just came across your blog. What an adorable little girl! I'm new to "blog reading" so I'm not sure how/where to ask a question. I'm getting ready to decorate nursery #2 and I absolutely love the gray & yellow crib bedding in your pictures. Do you mind sharing where you purchased it?
Thanks so much! And congrats on the 2nd baby!

Helen Matthews said...

Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog. Your kids are adorable and I love how you decorated their rooms. I just featured you on a blog hop (The Liebster Award)

Unknown said...

Can you do a blog about how you make the sweet headbands for the babygirls? I've had plenty of friends having girls lately & would like the knowledge for when I have my own! :)

Heather said...

Hi! I could definitely do that. I have made some, but then some I have purchased from etsy, etc. I will try and create a little blog post of the best ways that I have found to outfit a bald baby girl head. ;)

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