I like to say I am a dreamer to a fault.
Fortunately, I found myself a husband who makes those dreams come true.
 Really, he snagged me in Junior High and somehow has never let me go.

Most days I have a whirlwind of things rummaging through my heart.
I write to let those things out.
To let my heart sing.
I am a mom.
I have three sweet, crazy kids.

We are working on our second whole house renovation.
A forty year old ranch house on 2.3 acres.
We call it our farm.

I like to decorate.
My husband likes tools.
Our style is a bit eclectic, mixed with a bit of vintage, historical, cozy love.

I find adventure in most anything.
My favorites are gardening, flea marketing or bicycling in nature.

We love road trips.
Finding little forgotten towns via scenic back roads with dollops of history.
Cheap dates, I tell you.

Most of all, though.
We love Jesus.
Our greatest blessing.

I work at my family's letterpress shop.

We are currently renovating a historic building
into a cute little sushi shop.

Oh, and we grow grapes.
And try our hand at making wine.

We call each other my favorite.
Our answer to any "When are we going to get to that ..." question. 

I dream.  He builds.  I write. 

Thus, Someday, My Favorite blog was born.
A gentle mix of all of the above.


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