Twenty Years, My Love.

Monday, November 25, 2019

This past October, my sweet husband and I celebrated twenty years of dating.  It sounds crazy to celebrate a dating anniversary, but it seemed rather random, significant, and so worth a momentary pause to reflect on the blessings of the past two decades.  Surprising him with a photo shoot where it all began was the very best.  And turns out, we are wildly bad at recreating photos.
Naturally then, we simply went rouge.  With the help of the sweetest custodial staff ever, we got to make new memories with our favorite crazies.
This is literally where it all began surrounded by many who we still count as friends.  And this capture.  To think we'd have two beauties and a boy in suspenders.   
We felt rather scandalous, as our eighth grade selves would have never dared kiss in school, but hey, twenty years does something to your abandon.

Happy twenty years, my love.  You are my very favorite.

And special thank you to Belvidere South Middle School and Palette of Light for letting us walk down memory lane.


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