A Modern Day Pioneer Woman

Monday, October 1, 2018

Just scribbles, really.  With the women of yore who modeled the thirty-first chapter of Proverbs in the most real of ways as inspiration.  I do not dare to re-write, but if I may, I scribble these thoughts as my mantra of sorts.  My heart speak translation of those inerrant words.  Really, just scribbles of a girl who so badly desires to be a modern day pioneer woman. 

A Modern Day Pioneer Woman
Look up from your screen, dear woman. For you are a true gem.
Your favorites count on you. They don’t think twice about having clean underwear.
Kind woman, your words are generous and lovely.
You search and seek and loose sleep on account of the hunt for adventure.
Your midnight Amazon cart is full of what is needed and perhaps, a few surprises. Thank you, Lord, for Prime.
You awake and draw in a few breaths before the loud morning voices and sisterly love bickering, remind you of why you are thankful for that very air in your lungs. The planner ever open.
You look ahead, but not too far. Thrifty and smart.
The morning air is fresh and new. And with the sweaty sports bra sent down the chute, you dress for the adventure called today.
For adventure it is, mundane and beautiful, though, sometimes long and tiresome.
Those favorites have their needs met and there is ample extra. Extra of what makes them tick. Extra of you in their world.
Your eyes are open to hear when a shoulder is needed.
You are a prepared woman. No chasing after papers and snacks and bad attitudes and hurry.
You find what makes you feel beautiful and leave the rest on the curb.
You believe in your husband, so that others believe in him, too. Cheerleading never gets old.
You always have something to bring to the table.
Your confidence makes that Walmart find look stunning. You don’t give your heart in pieces.
You remember that words matter.
You find what makes your favorites’ heart sing and you let them chase it.
Your people are always ecstatic to see you and your husband well, he’s drooling.
You, dear woman, are something special.
It isn’t a false report. The years will go by. Those favorites, though. They don’t care.
You love Jesus. And he has a wild, wild love for you. And that is everything.
You have a blessed life in big and little ways, in annoying and mundane ways, in beautiful and hard ways, in a bazillion ways.
Go ahead then, Pioneer Woman, there’s adventure to be had.

Day 1 of 31 of the #write31days challenge.


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