If I was Magic

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Last winter our then five-year-old daughter was charged with writing a story.  She wanted to write a story about what would happen if she was magic.  When probed, what she meant was that she wanted to write a story about what it would mean if she possessed magic powers.  So, we pulled up two chairs and spent the afternoon writing.  She would ask how to spell every word and placed a finger down to mark the space between each and every letter. We spoke of the climax of a story, perhaps a question to re-direct the trajectory.  She simply stated, "But, I am not magic."  "So what can you be, if you are not magic?" I posed.  The remainder of the story unfolded from there.

Since then, our daughter re-illustrated her story to be a coloring book of sorts.  We are calling it a colorable story.  If I was Magic speaks volumes to the message that we want for all children and truly, for all mankind.  The simple lesson has been a blessing to our family and we hope to yours as well.

If I was Magic is a story that our daughter and our family would so love for you to have on your bookshelf. We self-published a limited number of copies that are available here.

Click the cover image below for a sneak peek.

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