Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My husband, Kerry, and I dated for ten years.  I have long joked that someday we'd write a book entitled, "A Decade of Dating."  Well, as per most things, our someday has finally come.

My first e-book, A Decade of Dating, was published this week.  I would venture to say that this is an a-typical book.  It is really just a smattering of my momma thoughts as I reflected on dating for a decade.  The more and more that I pondered a typical writing style, the more my heart was drawn back to something more simple.

When I began writing this book, my audience was undefined.  As the hours poured into it, though, I realized that my heart was bent on writing it for my daughters.  It is something I wanted so badly to get into the heart of my girls.  A bit of our story. 

On this, the eve of Thanksgiving, I find myself overwhelmed with thankfulness.  I could have simply let these words lie on their pages for my girls one day, but something in me just felt like there was more.  I truly don't think it is the content, though.  I think, women, wives, and mothers, we have a voice that reaches further than we'll ever quite know.  Likely, our story will mean little, but may I suggest something?  Write your story and share it with your few.  May, A Decade of Dating, be a bitty encouragement to tell your story.

Because, if I have learned anything, stories are worth telling.

You can find my e-book here.
And to those who have cheered me on in my simple scribbles, thank you.


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