Wildest Dreams.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I wrote these words about a decade ago.
Waiting in fanciful expectation, my gaze falls through the frosty pane unto the silent cascade of snowflakes.  I see right through them, as if to eternity and yet one breath clouds my view.  The beauty of eternity now clouded with the present.  I strain to see through as if to somehow see past the enormity of the urgent.  I step back, witnessing swirling snowflakes once more; the foggy glass still bearing evidence to urgent’s presence.  It persists.  One simple hand swipe could remove the obstruction and yet it is merely passing.  For soon, one simple hand swipe will no longer suffice and hand after hand I will become consumed with wiping away the here and now.  So I step back, away from the frosty pane.  The present will undeniably continue to blur the immediacy of life.  Yet the vast chasm of my step from the window will prove worth the leap.  To see past the present, to trust it’s presence, to know your wildest dreams lie on the brink of this moment.  With each second that passes, one more is added to embolden the present.  So again, step back and breathe deeply.  It is only then that the hazy present becomes the distinct moment of abundant beginnings.
I can tell you now, girls.  Abundant doesn't even begin to describe.  Your wildest dreams.  Trust Him with them.

Day 24 of 24 of the #write31days challenge


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