Spur One Another On.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Spur one another on.  There are so many great illustrations of faith, marriage, and life to long distance running.  Endurance, perseverance, and resilience to name a few.  As much as I have spoken about cheering one another on in one's individual pursuits, there is something to be said about the pursuit of something together.  As your dating progresses, it will be natural to stumble on something you both like to pursue together.  If it isn't, perhaps it will be something to seek.

Your dad and I had never done long distance racing.  Or running in general.  There is a real reason why your momma was a goalkeeper.  However, we pushed one another.  An evening run became our dates.  This is a healthy dating strategy, my girls. 

Finding a mutual interest that you can pursue together will become a healthy place of growing together.  It takes the pressure off of passionately pursing each other to an exhaustive end.  There is beauty in this pursuit together.  You'll find that as you spur one another on, the slow baby steps become the small fibers that weave together a healthy, strong foundation.  And that passionate pursuing of each other?  Down the road, that will be the icing on the cake.

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