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Thursday, October 13, 2016

I wrote this letter to your dad eight years after we began dating…

Dear Kerry James,

On this 13th day of November, 2007 I have one question, simply one question. I feel most obliged to ask.  The question I am about to propose, I ask in anticipation of a beautiful day spent hand-in-hand, hour after hour enjoying all that the moments have to offer.  Now the question… Will you join me in a carefree, adventure-filled day in the Windy City on November 27, 2007?  After the randomness that the daylight brings and an undoubtedly filled stomach, the evening will culminate at 2011 W. North Ave, Chicago.  It is at this location that the echoes of the beloved band of one whose hands are quite possibly clutching this very invitation will be heard.  Indeed it is true; As Cities Burn will be the distinguished guest of the evening.  Directly following the delightful serenade it can be most assumed that an evening sweet treat will ensue.  It would be my greatest hope that you would accompany me on this venture.  Please respond in any manner you deem most appropriate.

With unending love and anticipation,

Heather Lea

I stumbled on this today and two things struck me.  One, I have been writing much too eloquently for your dad’s tastes since day one and yet, he still puts up with me.  Two, spoil them.  I am going to sound like a resounding gong, but this idea of sacrifice is so incredibly important.  I will not. Cannot. Just won’t stop reiterating it.
Go the extra mile once in a while.  I cannot wait for you to read this.  For by now, you will know who As Cities Burn is and also know that they are far, far cry from your momma’s listening palette.  The day spent in the city was a blast.  And the concert, well it was totally his thing.  With ears ringing, we hopped back on the train out of the city and I still think about how freaking excited your dad was.  You want a relationship that spoils you?  Be a spoiler.  Not to your personal or educational detriment, but be a spoiler. 

Oh, and that sweet treat.  I think it was a hot chocolate from the Seven Eleven before hoping on the train.  Didn’t want you to get any ideas.

With unending love and anticipation,

Your Momma. 

Day 13 of 31 of the #write31days challenge


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