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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I feel like an utter contradiction often when I write of dating.  I think this is because of that ebb and flow of relationships.  Too much time, too little time, too much sharing, too little sharing.  It is a hard balance.  And girls, it truly doesn't ever stop.

I stumbled on this poem I wrote your dad seven years into dating him.

You are the one I love.
You are who I dream of.
You are the air I breathe.
You are everything to me.
You are who I've always been with.
You are the one I will grow old with.
You are the one sent to me from heaven above.
You are the one I'll always love.
-You Are

I know, so cheesy right?  It got me pondering though, this idea of being comfortable in your own skin.  I think that is a real thing to consider when it comes to dating.  Do you feel like you can be your whole self?  Or, do you feel pigeon holed into the idea of who you think you ought to be?  Take this from your so-not-a-poet-and-totally-know-it momma.  Date men who encourage you to be your whole selves.  I'll probably never be a great poet, but the noncritical space to write is what is of value.  

If you feel as if you are having to do the proverbial song and dance to become someone you aren't, it is probably time to take your tune and run.  Fast.

Day 18 of 31 of the #write31days challenge


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