Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Coming along side someone is almost always humbling.  Dating is no exception.  A humbled soul is an attractive soul. 

I have often spoken of the give and take of relationships.  The setting aside of yourself for the sake of another.  Sometimes though, humbling takes on another form.  I recall one specific time, in the parking lot of Steak n’ Shake no less, that your dad called me out.  He humbled me.  I was entirely speechless and completely wrecked, because I knew he was right.  Now, a decade later, I cannot recall what it was even regarding.  All I remember is that I was flapping my jaws a bit too much, as I have been known to do, and your dad, he corrected me.  

I tell you this, to say, you will never be perfect.  He will never be perfect.  Together, you’ll never be perfect.  Pursue someone who will love you enough to correct you.   I was totally humbled that night. And yet, it was the most beautiful type of wrecking.  The type that points you right back to your Savior.  

On an aside, it is incredibly hard to be humbled.  Be careful in your reaction.  When you are humbled, your heart kind of crumbles for a hot second.  It is very easy to harbor resentment.  What is happening is that you are realizing that you are not perfect.  And it is okay.  It is called refinement.  

Embrace the wrecking, for in the rebuilding there is beauty.

Day 12 of 31 of the #write31days challenge


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