Monday, October 24, 2016

Your dad and I spotted this napkin holder among a mess of things on the top shelf at an old flea market this weekend.  I immediately knew you two would love it.  Your dad and I spend approximately eight-five percent of our meal times getting up and down for refills, extra utensils, and napkins.  This suddenly solved forty-five percent of our problem. 

The real story, though, happened while we were checking out.  After explaining why we would purchase an old napkin holder (jokingly..."So, they can get their own dang napkin!"), the checker made a most interesting statement.  "I wish I had bought a napkin holder for my son.  Something, he could have gotten himself.  I always did so much for him.  He is in his thirties now, and I am still holding his hand." 

We were all still half-joking, but there was a true sense of honesty in her words.  I think she truly wished she had walked alongside her son, maybe even just a bit behind him, to cheer him onward. 

Your dad and I bought this napkin holder in one sense because we are tired of getting up and down a billion times every meal.  However, this napkin holder symbolizes something much bigger.  We want to teach you how to care for yourself.  Your spills, your scribbles, your hands a mess with great and non-so-great things.  We want to go ahead of you now, so we can cheer you onward later.

May this be true in all things, especially dating.

Day 23 of 24 of the #write31days challenge


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