Just Don't Go.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I remember listening to an old Avalon song on repeat while lying in my closet of a hotel room in London while on a high school theater trip.  I had a little music player that didn't even have an actual display.  You simply had to remember what order your music was added to it.  I laugh now, but it was some stunning technology.  Anyways, that song came to mind today.  The words have always resonated with me.
I don't want to go somewhere
If I know that You're not there,
'Cause I know that me without You is a lie.
I remember resonating with this song on so many levels, especially when it came to dating your dad.  The world, both in religious and secular cultures, adds a lot of pressure to dating.  I want to offer you something simple.  Never go somewhere if you know in your heart of hearts that it isn't where the Lord will be honored.  Don't venture down paths that are not fully illuminated by God's very best.  Don't know what that looks like?  Ask.  We will pursue it together.  

I am speaking in metaphors here, but trust me, a dark path will only become darker.  There is nothing on this path that brings permanent life.  It may have a spark of something, but it will quickly fade.  And if it doesn't, it will likely spread.  Like wildfires.  Leaving in its wake, nothing but scars.  

Tuck this truth in the corner of your heart.  Just don't go somewhere, where He isn't.  

Day 15 of 31 of the #write31days challenge



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