For the Love, Kiss 'Em.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

For the love of all things, kiss 'em already.  Your mom is giving you the okay.  Perhaps, I should take a few steps backwards.  Your dad and my first kiss was in the end zone of a Friday night high school football game.  We were dating, maybe a week, and I totally coerced him.  Don't be me. 

You are going to hear the word purity thrown around a lot, particularly when it comes to dating.  There are so many facets to purity that I hope we can talk about when the time is right.  However, your dad and I totally believe that physical intimacy is a progression in the throws of purity.  As you and your boyfriend grow closer to God and closer together, undoubtedly, there will be areas of your lives that you will want to share more passionately.  To save your first kiss for marriage, as some have suggested, seems to me like pursuing a relationship with a big part of you missing.  It is a heart matter and perhaps a self-control matter.  Really, it matters to God.  Being pure of heart and pure of mind is close to the heart of the Lord (Matthew 5:8). 

Oh, and be mindful of others.  These moments rarely need an audience.  Trust your momma.

Day 5 of the #write31days challenge


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