Capacity to Love.

Monday, October 31, 2016

I jotted down something that our pastor said yesterday. 
Pray for a greater capacity to love.
He was speaking from the second chapter of James.  It was mostly centered on loving in light of favoritism, judgment, and feigned perception of use to you.  I appreciated what he had to say.  However, these words struck me.
Pray for a greater capacity to love.
Just days before I had written these words to a sweet friend.
I know they always say that when you have another kid, etc. that your capacity to love just keeps growing.  I get that.  But, I think I have a rather finite capacity to love.   I get tapped out.  I am realizing that more and more about myself.  As such, I think God keeps refining what I love, so that there is less to love, but to love well.
My words seem to be in direct juxtaposition to the wise words of our pastor.  As I have been remunerating both statements, mine and his, I have come to a conclusion.  That, perhaps, it is a both a greater and deeper.  That greater is deeper.  My initial response to his statement was quantifiable.  More people to love.  I think that is well and good.  And yet, I think the deeper that I can love my people, the better I will be at loving in general.  This is something that I have to practice.  

Love comes in all forms, girls.  You will learn this.  But in the end, just love well.  And ask God to let you know what your capacity to love looks like.  It is okay to feel as if you have a finite capacity.  It probably just means we need to ask God to refine what we love, so we love the very things He does.

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