A Small Circle.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

In a slight, but perhaps poignant deviation, I write today.  On a run yesterday, I stumbled on this mushroom.  Well, at least I think it is a mushroom.  I am not a mushroom person.  But, I am learning that beauty comes in all forms.  Even, a fungus.

Minutes before this encounter I listened to these words in the final pages of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's, Gift From the Sea...

"Our grandmothers and even with some scrambling, our mothers, lived in a circle small enough to let them implement in action most of the impulses of their hearts and minds.  We were brought up in a tradition that has now become impossible, for we have extended our circle throughout space and time."
I replayed her words over and over again, because simply stated, that is the cry of my heart.  It is far too easy to take on so much of others' lives.  It becomes overwhelming.  Although from many years ago, Anne's words seem so necessary, today.

It hardly seemed surprising that I ran by a gorgeous mushroom with these words reverberating within me.  My impulse was to stop and take a photo.  And, I did it.  At that moment my circle was small enough, my cares small enough, that I had time to live out the desire of my heart.  Funny how we so often crowd out our desires.

I am going to hold on to Anne's words with all I've got.  It is okay to keep your circle small.  There just may be more beauty in knowing deeper than many.

Day 19 of 31 of the #write31days challenge



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