Such A Time As This.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

As women and moms, we often wear many hats.  Admittedly, I have made that silly gesture of moving my proverbial hat one click over and on to the next title.  Mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, employee... our titles are kind of endless and all encompassing, aren't they?  I sometimes wonder though what is behind all this.  For, some of these titles were given me the day I took my first breath.  Titles I cannot escape.  After a particularly challenging sermon this past Sunday, I began to ponder the depths of these titles I have been given.  My heart has been pounding with these thoughts that yes!, I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, employee..., but am I a resolution maker first? Am I a grace bestower first? Am I a peace giver first?  And perhaps it isn't first, but amidst.  Am I a peacemaking wife?  Am I a life giving mom?  Am I a grace giving sister?  As I have been processing, praying, pounding out these truths in my own life, I was left thinking this.  Perhaps we are simply being put in these places, these lives, for such a time as this.  Perhaps God is using us to be a light in the hard/difficult/hum drum places.  Maybe it isn't that we are the go to --insert your title of the moment-- in our worlds, but have been uniquely made to share peace and hope and love and forgiveness and all the things in the cracks of it all.
I don't think that anyone could possess a hat with enough bills for all of our titles.  And you know, I kind of think that is okay.  What I have concluded is that yes!, we will always hold a lot of titles (thank you, Jesus!), but it is what those titles are made of.  It is the realization that God is and will continue to refine me in my titles.  Better yet, I think a hat stitched with #suchatimeasthis may just be the thing.  Generationally relevant and encompasses all the things.  Made even better if it errs on the design style of fedora and floppy. 

Really, though, may it be so that we be women who crave more depth than just a title.  We are living in such a hard, beautiful, refining time as this.


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