Project Orson: Fifteen Months.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Our sweet boy is fifteen months and I cannot get over him.  He looks like Ila in many ways and has her humor for sure, but seems to have a bit of the sweet seriousness of his biggest sister.
He still power scoots anywhere he wants to go, but pulled himself to his feet for the first time yesterday!  He is more curious than both of the gals put together and has already dropped more things down our floor vents than them, too.
He is our worst eater.  And our best sleeper.  He thinks his sisters are hilarious and loves his momma something fierce.
Happy fifteen months, big boy!  We love you. 

Oh, and the girls think it is hilarious to take each others' photos on the monthly fabrics. 
You should have heard their banter!


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