Project Ila is a Wrap.

Monday, February 16, 2015

My sweet baby girl turned two today.
The background fabric is a snippet of a piece of artwork that Ila worked on for weeks. We taped a big sheet of paper on the art desk to protect it from art mayhem and it has just stayed there.  Ona spends a lot of time at her art desk.  Ila will stop in to see her, grab a marker, and add a few scribbles before going about her way.  It is an accumulation of many sweet, loud, and crazy moments of her and her big sister doing art together.
Our sweet Ila, you are a ham to the core with an uber sensitive spirit.  Just this past week, you began to really talk.  You are kind and love really well.
 My gorgeous girl, I am super lucky to be your momma. 
Last week, we drove passed that two-story antique store where your sister, daddy, and I went to pass time while we waited for your arrival.  Little did we know that you would come mere hours later.  Well, that old antique store has since closed.  As we passed, I took a long glance through those windows that once held all manner of vintage ware.  I couldn't help, but to give thanks.  That old store has come and gone, but I got to squeeze you this morning and hear you laugh and call your sister by name.  Ila, you are so loved.
Happy Birthday, big girl.


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