A Whole Year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One year ago we began a crazy, crazy adventure.  One year ago we bought our bitty farm.  We have grown so much.  So many hours spent tearing and dragging and repairing and putting back.  We have torn down walls, put in floors, tried new things, and mastered old trades.  The smaller space has been so rewarding and so hard, but so, so good.  We have gotten rid of and gotten rid of and in someways lost much.  Yet, have gained much more.  So many meals had, so many meals shared.  More company than we could have prayed for scrunched around that bitty table at our little farmhouse.  We have grown into a family of five.  We have run through the backyard and sledded down every hill we could find.  Grew a garden for the first time and welcomed Tasha, the cow.  We have looked, really looked.  Our girls have changed.  And it has been hard and again, very, very good.  So, a year later, I hardly find it ironic that I would hear this song for the first time this week.  It is very worth the listen.

'Cause we've got an easy kind of love.  The kind that makes you say at the end of the day it's more than I deserve.  The kind that makes you cry when you look back on your life and think, "Oh, God is good, more than I deserve." ... Not that it's never been work, you see, but in this life some things will be worth the effort.  You're worth the effort.

-Sharpened in Time, Micah Michelle

Originally referencing marriage, the words seem aptly fitting for life.  This past year has been an adventure in our little farmhouse.  Many, many late nights.  Three kids and all the good, bad, ugly, and sweet that goes along with it.  A husband who gives more grace and patience than I can wrap my head around.  And a farm which has demanded more than we could have imagined and yet, whose fruit has evidenced itself in tangible and intangible ways.  So, a year later, I wake up and say, "Oh, God is good, more than I deserve."  And it has been so much work.  All of it.  Top to bottom.  But you, daughters.  You, son.  You, husband.  You, our little farmhouse.  You're worth the effort.
Here is the link to that song again. It has meant much to my heart this week, and I trust it will to yours, too.

Thanks for joining in our crazy, imperfect adventure this year.


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