Momma n' Ona and the Berenstain Bears.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The infamous Berenstain Bears have recently become a part of our everydays around the farm.  Ever since Ona was given a few of her cousins old copies (thanks Auntie Jenny), she has been hooked.  The stories immediately reminded me of my childhood and I remembered that I had a stash somewhere.  Grandpa helped me track down about twenty that I had had as a kid.  Ona finds a new one every once in a while hidden here and there.  It is a little momma n' Ona thing.  And it is really special.  A week ago, Ona asked to go on an adventure as a pirate.  Total normal around here.  We decided to head to a handful of thrift stores in search of new Berenstain Bear books to add to her collection.
This girl is something else.  She will tell you that she found two at the first stop.  The second stop we found another, but as she would say, "It was Golden Rule and we had it already."  The third stop was a gold mine.  Five!  Today she said, "I am not a pirate, but I can go hunting."
I typically find them before she notices and place them in more obvious locations for her to discover.
She knows exactly which ones she has.  This one got put back on the shelf.
Two more titles were added to her collection today.  Really though, it is about the adventure.  About being intentional and excited about something that is thrilling to her.  About momma n' Ona time.  I hope she remembers digging through dusty old bins and all those moments spent knees bent on her little pink couch reading each and every word.
We looked it up and there are around three hundred different titles to find.  I guess we will be adventuring for a really, really long time.  Yeeeees!  

Now, if I could only get a certain rouge sixteen month old as interested.  We typically find her a few aisles over talking to the old lady with freshly picked hair looking for carnival glass. 


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