So Super Fun.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This has long been one of my favorite photos.
This picture was taken nearly one year ago to the day while out for a family hike.  I love so much about it.  The juxtaposition tall vs. short, the colors perfectly vibrant, the clouds, the tall grass in early spring, those curls, her shadow.  It is simply one of my most cherished images of her. 

I signed up for the Print Exchange again this year and was given the task of creating something with the theme, "Let this be a sign..."  I didn't really have a set direction until a few weeks ago. 

It was a rare warm evening.  It was dusk and we were still outside.  I had busied myself with raking out a flower bed when I looked up to find my gorgeous girl running--she runs so fast for two.  She had found her soccer ball and was running through the front yard full of old fall leaves.  In the distance I heard her exclaim, "This is so super fun!"  Sounds funny, but at that very moment, my heart felt peace.  The same, tired heart that had been pushed and pulled and forced to stay up way past bedtime in the name of moving and organizing and reigning in chaos.  Those words, "This is so super fun!" were breath to my weary heart and one of those you are right where you are supposed to be moments.  I stopped and just watched her.  She had so much room to run, so much to explore, so much to discover.  I leaned on my upended rake and just watched her.  There was no more work to be done that night.  I just wanted to bask in a peace that I had long prayed for and long hoped for. 

So, when I thought about the theme "Let this be a sign...", I knew that it must couple my favorite things--that cherished picture and that evening.  The project took many directions, but wound up like this.
The leaves are printed digitally then overlaid with a copper foil.  I wanted to capture the moment and yet let it be abstract.  It makes little sense, really.  But when I look at this, it perfectly captures the gorgeousness of two of my favorite moments.  It is a sign of the hand of God, knowing just where I needed to be.  This adventure of moving to the farm has been filled with many emotions--much excitement, much angst, and everything in between.  And yet, I was reminded by my little girl on that evening not so long ago that it has also been so super fun.

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