"Only Speak Words..."

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I read this blog post today.  It hit me something deep.  Something so confusing and so beautiful and so hard and so worth it.  Being a mom that is.  My heart so desires to speak love and to love well.  A love that speaks the truth.  Ann summed it up when she said, "Only speak words that make souls stronger."  Perfect.  So simple. And yet, so hard for this mom.  Thankful for grace and the gift of being entrusted with my two girls.  
These beautiful souls.  Thank you, Jesus.  

Would love to hear what you think of Ann's words.


  1. I love this heather and I love reading anything by Ann! I always read it slow and have to let her words and images sink in. A good reminder to be slow to speak and quick to thank The Lord. Thanks for sharing this

  2. For sure, my friend. ;) So good. I just ordered her 1000 Gifts after you and Jessi recommended it so long ago!



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