Day Two.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Today was all over the place.  This morning my best friend came to help peel wallpaper in the hallway bathroom. 
It was a hot sticky mess.  It looks much better now, but we forgot to snag a picture before leaving tonight.  I started working on Ona's room.  It has a wood panel accent wall.
I sanded and primed it tonight.  I convinced Kerry to let me buy five quarts of paint in varying shades of blue for this wall.  Yea, it could be awesome, or a total fail.  Time will tell.  The biggest transformation is by far the living room.  Our sweet friends stopped by to help finish up the wall removal and to help build a custom header and support system.  Ya know, so our roof doesn't cave in or anything.
And while these dudes were making headers, our dads removed the upper cabinets in the kitchen that were totally blocking the view into the fireplace living room.  A group effort to remove the ginmorous oven vent was successful.
Ready for the transformation?  Here we go, friends.  But first, what it looked like yesterday.
And here it is today.


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