Day Three.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Today was longer work days for both of us, which meant less done around the renovation.  We tried to make it a "hey, let's change our address on freaking everything!" kind of day and be productive that way.  We were mildly successful.  We did, however, have the radon gas remediation completed today.  And we picked up 3,000 pounds of something sweet. 
Eeek, we decided to bite the bullet and replace the floors.  The wood is currently getting all nice and cozy in the house and we're hoping to start laying wood on Friday. As I was mulling all things renovation, I looked into the kitchen and had an "A ha" moment.  Then it came to fruition.
Kerry and dad took down the cabinets to the left of the sink.  Because we know we'd love to redo the kitchen someday, I thought it would be fun to try a few open shelves in this space.  I always love how people style them in their kitchens, but I don't know if I would be brave enough to design them into a new kitchen.  So, I am ransoming this bitty area for a trial.  To open shelf or to not open shelf, this is the question.  Oh, and a random idea I had yesterday for Ona's room while staring into the face of thousands of paint color choices.
It is still drying in this photo, so I will try to snag some better photos tomorrow. 

It is already day 4, off to get some rest before the madness continues!  Up next, removing stinky insulation and painting with peach.  Be excited friends, be excited. ;)


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