Day One.

Monday, December 16, 2013

If I had to sum up today in one word, it would be... demolition.  There was one main wall separating the two living spaces and into the kitchen.  We took our cue from Property Brothers and are going for an open concept. This is the foyer before.
And the view from the living room.
And the view from the kitchen.
You can see here that this is the main living space, with a smaller vaulted area off of the kitchen.  This is the living space in it's entirety, and we thought by opening up the wall that it would make the space seem much larger.  So, tonight we rallied our dads and siblings and...
The big foyer header is gone and we are currently pondering ways to have the least number of support posts as possible.  A similar theory happened in the basement.  There were two small rooms, one of which is used for storing these outrageous plants and the laundry room.
The lady homeowner left us the plants that she has loving cared for for a long, long time.  They stay under that florescent light during the winter.  We may have to do a little plant control, because we have about ten around the house.  As is evidenced by the huge potted tree next to the fire place above.  The other is essentially a storage room that we are going to convert into more of a multipurpose space.  Storage, exercise room, etc.
Anyways, we picked up our sledge hammers and went for a bitty ride.
Now, we simply need to remove some of the unneeded 2 x 4's.  It was a dirty evening, but we are doing the jingle jangle over the almost open concept.  

p.s. Thank you from the bottom of our bitty hearts for the congratulations and for joining us on this adventure.  Makes the process a bit much more fun!


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