Day Nine.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The gals are all snuggled in bed... at our farm!  Today was a grossly busy day jammed packed with moving, cleaning, etc. Our big hang-up to moving in completely is that the drywaller won't be done until Friday. Lest all of our belongings become a dusty mess, we have resolved ourselves to the bare minimum. No internet yet, so a quick blog update from the good 'ole smartphone. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots of today.  In process photo of new shelf liners, my art desk being delivered (the one Kerry almost chopped his finger off while making), dirty laundry made it before the washer/dryer (story of my life), Kerry digging out a memory rock from our landscaping (this one was from a Colorado trip), the temperature when we started today's shenanigans (brrrrrrrr!!), the view from Ila"s room this afternoon,  and what Ona's fan is currently looking like (these fans take me back...and not to a pleasant place). Hopefully a more gathered and orrganized update tomorrow! 


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