Day Five.

Friday, December 20, 2013

We're five days in.  This time next week, we will be down to one house.  Yikes!  Time is flying, but we are feeling hopeful (and really tired).  To be honest, today was a bit hard on us being away from our girls so much.  We know that the end is in sight.  Our attorney tells us so. ;)  It is still hard though.  Just keeping it real, folks.  Thankfully, we have rockstar moms who take outrageous care of our gorgees so that we can tear down walls.  We did more of that today. Let's dive in.  Or should I say, venture to the forest?
Give us your best goose call and say hello to the sweet paneling in the basement storage area.  It had to go along with it's cedar shake bestie.
When our living areas are in complete chaos, you might ask why we are focusing on this basement room so much.  We know ourselves too well, dangit.  If we don't work on our storage area now, it will get buried and live in a perpetual cedar shake state forever.  So, remember when the two basement rooms looked like this?
Now, they are it is looking like this.
Tomorrow, we are going to paint the concrete.  Never done that before.  Say a prayer.  There is another smaller storage room in the basement.  It was looking a little rough.
Through work, we wind up with a lot of food in bulk.  We would like to use this room for that.  In our ultimate picture of the basement, we probably won't keep this room anyways.  It was fitting to do a quick facelift.
This room is getting a floor treatment tomorrow, too.  Oh, and our family has done an amazing job in the girl's rooms.  Ona's blue dream has come true.
I am second guessing my decision about the bold blue accent wall.  Thoughts?  I am thinking that maybe I should have pulled more purple in.  It is hard to tell, but the ceiling is a pale, pale purple.  Help!  Our bitty girl is now sporting a peach room.  
It looks hecka pink in these photos, but it is much more subtle in person.  This room has never had an overhead light, so it is being illuminated by two desk lights.  Most exciting was that we started on a little flooring action.  We started in the master bedroom.  
Kerry and my dad are still working on it as we speak.  So, I'll bet they get pretty dang close to finishing the room tonight.  Woot the woot!  Off to clean the mouse terds and saw dust out of my hair.  Again, just keeping you in the real loop.  Remodeling is dirty, or as Ona would say, "Ewwww!" 

Thanks for cheering us on! ;) 


  1. Love the updates friend. Praying for energy for you all this week. Stressful I'm sure! Looks Amazing!



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