Day Eleven.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

It took exactly eight hours to finish moving and clean our house today.  We finished late afternoon, and then snagged our gals from Grandma's (p.s. thanks mom, for being amazing with the gals these past eleven days and always).  We will be one home homeowners again in less than twelve hours!  Before heading out to dinner tonight (still waiting on the drywaller before we move in furniture), we stopped by our empty house.  It was really sort of surreal.  Kerry and I got a little choked up thinking about life within those walls.  And the gals just thought their voice echoing through the empty rooms was the bee's knees.  I didn't think we would have as many heart strings as we did.  It was the memories that tugged at our hearts.  And perhaps the sweetest thing that we realized today is that those memories come with us.  Yeeeessss!  Not only do they come with, but they join the new Ona walking on her tippity tip toes around her new room tonight.  So, aside from 100% of our belongings being moved and a smidge of organizing, there isn't too much new around the house.  The drywaller is set to finish tomorrow and then the real fun begins!  Hope to  have a newsy update then.  For now, here are a few of our favorite shots today.  Including a last family selfie in thebold house and the view that keeps me sane amidst the madness. Oh, and a sweet pair of white moccasins that Istumbled upon while unpacking.  Keeping drywaller dust out of the toes one step at a time.


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