Day Eight.

Monday, December 23, 2013

We are holding out hope.  Hope that in a month or so, when our weary bones have finally stopped aching, that we will know without a shadow of a doubt that this was worth it.
Goodness, moving is tough.  Today was the majority of moving day.  With only a handful of hours of sleep, we started early this morning and ended just before seven tonight.  For most of the day, it bounced right around five degrees amidst ice under fresh snow.  Perfect moving weather.  Cue dramatic eye roll, please.  I know what it is, God was just teaching us balance!  Literally.  We had spills and tweaks and ruined more than one rug as we tried to use them as gripping pads for our trailer ramp.  Ugh.  Because of this, we had to call in reinforcements.  Thankfully, we were able to gather a crew of sorts.  We can't even begin to thank our (also sore) family and friends.  We had at least four twenty-eight foot trailer loads.  We lost count.  This proved a major point.  We have waaaay too much stuff for our little house.  After we settle in, Craigslist is going to be our new bestie.  Yep, you better believe that Craigy boy.  The drywaller was working all day around the house.  It is looking better and we'll have a visual update tomorrow.  The thought did cross my mind to take a few shots after our final load tonight.  However, I found myself, hands folded beneath my head, and laying across our kitchen counter instead.  Tomorrow everything will look a fresh, no doubt.  Off to bed before 9:30.  What the what!


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