Ila is Forty Weeks.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our little girlie is forty weeks. 
This girl has been my humble.  She is a sensitive spirit.  As of late, some many things make her anxious.  Most of those things revolve around this momma leaving her sight.  I have learned a lot from being her mom.  My older daughter is the epitome of a free spirit.  Little bothers her and she is at her best when she is the center of a crowd.  This one though, much different.  Admittedly, I have felt a smidge lost on her.  I have been waiting for her to magically morph into that same spirit of my firstborn.  Tell me that I am not the only mom who has waited for such things, please.  After a particularly trying weekend, I have finally realized something.  This gorgeous girl is sensitive.  She likes to be held and cuddled and cooed upon.  She may not go tubing on a river when she is twenty months old and probably won't bust a sing song dance move in the middle of library story time.  And that is okay.  She is my sweet, beautiful girl who lights up when I walk in the room.  She isn't going to magically turn into anyone other than her.  Come to think of it.  The thought of two free spirited girls bustin' a move in the middle of story time makes me kind of quiver.  I think I was just scared to be a mom to a different kind of kid.  She has humbled this momma's heart... my expectations, and most certainly my fortitude for patience.  And for that, I am immensely grateful.  Not to say that it isn't hard.  It is so, so hard.  But, I am still grateful.
Happy forty weeks to my baby girl.  You are so perfectly you.


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