Thirty-Four Week Old Punk.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I am telling you off the punch bat that this post will be so much better if you play this before moving on.  Click play and read on, click play and read on my friends.  Really, you won't regret it.

Our little girl is thirty-four weeks old today.
She has this personality that makes you snort giggle.  She is squishy and silly, but she has a tough side too. 
You feeling Rocky?  Because, I am feeling Rocky.  She checked.
And she's ready.
What's that?  You're scared?  Good.
Ooo, look at me now.  Look at me now.  I just got all I just clocked you and now I snicker in yo' face.

Welcome to what went through my head as I scrolled through this week's outtakes.  It happened and then I wrote about it.  Don't think less of me for it.  Rocky is still playing right?  At least I have that going for me. ;)

Happy thirty-four weeks, baby girl!



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