A Mom's Tale of Mustard Leggings.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mustard colored leggings.  There I said it.  They are trendy right?  I sometimes get nervous that I am too old for trendy.  Okay, maybe it isn't that I am too old, but just the simple fact that I am a mom.  Yesterday, I found a piece of food stuck on the side of my forearm two hours after dinner.  This simple fact makes wearing mustard colored leggings seem laughable.  Despite this, I used a gift card (thanks Grandma) and bought these mustard colored leggings.  I kinda dig them, mom nerves and all.

So, the other day the girls and I were walking out of Target and this mini van comes screeching to a stop next to us.  The woman, obviously amused, rolls down her passenger window.  She is laughing out loud.  Like, really loud.  Then she says, "Oh my goodness Becky look at her butt.  I saw you walking in my rearview mirror and I didn't think you had any pants on.  I looked three times and thought, 'Oh my gosh!'  Then I realized that they were leggings and had to come tell you."  Thank you, kind woman, for squelching any mom cool feelings I had of myself, thank you.  After mentioning something about how you never know these days with Miley Cyrus and all, she went on her merry way.  Leaving me in a cloud of dang you mustard colored leggings/that is pretty hilarious dust.  I haven't worn them since.  Partly because I haven't done laundry and partly because pants are clearly overrated.  I was happy to make that woman's day and I have no doubt that I have been the comedic relief to many a person because of her story.  I think I'll stick with my pink pants for awhile.
  Pink, the color of flesh.  Dangit.


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