35 Weeks, Time for a Side-By-Side

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yesterday was a smidge crazy.  Ila's thirty-five week photo wound up taking place right before bed.  This means that daylight had long diminished and we were left with harsh overhead light to photograph by.  The lack of cute outtakes made me think that a little side-by-side project comparison was in order.  So without further adieu...Ona (left) and Ila (right)

 photo Chosen_zps663c52fc.jpg  photo ChosenSmall_zps6f7511d9.jpg
 photo ChosenSmall5_zps215789d3.jpg  photo ChosenSmall_zps38816452.jpg
 photo Chosencopysmall_zpscfd5fa41.jpg  photo ChosenSmall_zps5134cb7c.jpg
 photo ChosenSmall_zps3bf31245.jpg  photo ChosenSmall_zpsa1024f57.jpg
 photo Chosencopy_zpsba7eb763.jpg  photo ChosenSmall_zpscdf23ec8.jpg
 photo Chosen1copy_zpsc16647eb.jpg  photo CuteSmall_zpsf0fbb339.jpg
 photo Chosen_zpsbff8c193.jpg  photo ChosenSmall_zpsfbd5a200.jpg
 photo ChosenSmall_zpsb1ec0325.jpg  photo ChosenSmall_zps4ee73b18.jpg
You can definitely tell that they are sisters, but they are way different too.

These girls, my goodness.


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