Thirty-Two Weeks + Thoughts on Adventure.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ila is thirty-two weeks old today.  The girls and I spent time picking through old fabric in an old barn today too.  
This week's fabric is one that we bought this morning.  No, I did not wash it and yes, it still smells like a mix between a little old lady and a dusty old barn.
Old barn sales, flea markets, heck, even a good garage sale kind of makes me tick.  I think know it is because of the people.  I mean, I heart a good vintage find just like the next lady, but it is the stories that draw me.  The stories of those that sell, the stories of those that find, and most of all it is the story of the adventure.      
At a glance, it looks as if today's picture is of a thirty-two week old little girl.  And you are totally right.  What it doesn't express is the adventure.  The little old ladies swooning over a gorgeous girl in her mom's backpack carrier, while her older sister plays in the original cement feed troughs of a one hundred year old barn.  The white haired woman who snags her mommy's arm to ask more directly than most, "Do you breastfeed?  Her chubby wrists look like you breastfeed."  The beautiful fall day and her first chance ever to watch leaves fall from a tree.  And lest this sound more dreamy than it ought, two really smelly diapers changed on our van floor. 
It is all an adventure.  This was ours today.


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