It's Okay.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I have a confession.  I have a ridiculous obsession with these male/female bust vases.  There is something about them that makes me laugh out loud.  My dear husband hears me mention them, I dare say, weekly.  Someday they will grace my dining room, but for now I am simply met with rolling eyes.  I know deep, deep down he loves them too.  Too bad money doesn't grow on bust vases trees.  So, color me pink when I stumbled on this little bust vase at a flea market over the weekend.  It was marked $5, but I got it for four dolla bills.  It isn't the infamous couple, but it's okay.  I kind of love him.
The whole $4 vase got me thinking today.  It's okay that we can't really afford my cute couple right now.  And it isn't ironic that this little man somehow fills my heart so much more.  I got to thinking about being okay.  I couldn't help, but to wonder, am I okay?  Am I okay with where I am?  Am I okay with where I am going?  Am I okay with what I do?  Warning: don't try to answer all of these questions at once.  You'll find yourself reeling with questions and will write a nonsense blog post supposedly about a $4 bust vase, flea market find, but will wind up writing about the quintessential question of okayness.  

In many ways I am okay, but there are those handful of things that I am not okay with.  I think I am in the process of being refined.  Aren't we always though?  I realized that is what I am okay with.  I am okay with not being totally okay, but am more than okay with the fact that my okayness is constantly being refined.  Confusing?  So is a blog post about ceramic bust vases.  

In the end, it's okay to be odd and to like odd things and to feel as if God speaks to us in odd ways.  Really, it's okay.



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