Ona's Second Birthday Party.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our little gal turned two last week and this past weekend we partied.  I used Illustrator and whipped these invitations up a few weeks back.
Simplicity was the name of the game.  We served a trail mix bar, mini pizzas, fancy sodas, and cupcakes.  We moved our dining and kitchen tables outside and strung a few decorations.
I had really grand plans--don't all moms?  God had a lesson for me in preparing for her party though.  It came during an 11PM grocery run.  I realized somewhere around the peanut isle how plainly exhausted my bones were. Do you know the feeling?  On the drive home, my mind was reeling with how much I still needed to accomplish and then, something changed.  My heart anxiousness subsided and it was as if God was saying it's not about the decorations, or the food, or the presents, or how clean the floors are.  It is about celebrating your crazy little girl.  It is about family and friends and fellowship and love and truth and being all in... and it is okay to ask for help.  Saturday morning, both of our parents showed up for an hour--moving tables, hanging banners, bringing extra food, etc.  They're a huge part of the reason why the party looked so cute.  So, a humble (and huge) thank you to our parents!  We had a lot of help celebrating this girl too.  Two great-grandparents, four grandparents, four aunts, four uncles, one cousin, and a handful of sweet friends.
We had so much fun celebrating you, Ona!
You are two!  And so very loved.


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