Umm, Yum Sangria.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A handful of ladies and I get together every few weeks for a bible study.  I joined the group before Ona was born and it really has been a blessing over the past few years.  All the gals came over on Monday night to finish up Beth Moore's James study.  I would recommend the study.  To be honest, it was a whole lot of study and I didn't quite delve in all the study material as I probably could of.  However, even just the video series was really good.  I made sangria for the first time for our study.  Dang, it was good.  My best friend lent me her favorite recipe and I made a few adaptations of my own.  Here is my Umm, Yum Sangria recipe.
Seriously, I wish I tripled this.  We are starting the book, Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist in a few weeks.  It is sure to be a super laid back study.  Perfect for busy summers and only made better by a glass or two of this Umm, Yum.  Just saying.


  1. It was amazing!! Maybe I'll have to make it for our next group as well! Can't wait. Thanks for sharing Heather!! Yum is right!



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