My Manly Man.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

...stained our piano pink!  I don't know how I quite snagged a man that relishes living with three girls, cranberry undertoned walls, and now this.
Let me back up a hot second and explain.  You know we have been busy updating our piano/art room.  First we exchanged our red booths for an artsy nook for the girls.  We loved how it modernized the space a bit, but then our old, push-down-the-hallway school piano began calling out to me.  Here's what it looked like a few Christmases back.  
It is just a plain school piano with a lot of wear.  Some of the edges of the keys are chipped, the wood veneer is missing in spots, and it had a big 'ole stain on the topI heard it whisper that it needed a little tlc in the form of pink stain.  Kerry heard it too, amen.  So the other night I found him disassembling.
We thought it looked kinda super awesome disassembled.  Too bad dust and toddlers would destroy it if we left it that way.  Instead, I played the one Adele song I know before busting out the supplies. I felt extremely cool.  Annnd I just dorked myself more than you already know.
 First we taped off the keys.
Then we sanded and vacuumed.
The one great thing about water based stain is that it is not stinky.  It was super easy to stain in place and not have to destroy the rest of the house by moving it to another room/garage.  Plus it keeps our little gals lungs nice and clean, which is most important.
We wrapped up just after midnight after three rounds of Kerry rubs the stain on/Heather rubs the stain off.  Also the point where I was dubbed Heather Softwipe Steines.  Yea, that happened.  The next morning the girls had to check it out.
Ah sister love.  We loved how it turned out, but the bench just wasn't cutting it for us.  My dad had made it when I was little, so it was mismatched to begin with.  We sprayed the base red and stained the top with the same pink.  Then we thought stripes would added a little jazz.
We learned the hard way that overloading Frog Tape with spray paint doesn't work.  I liken it to our little county park dam trying to hold back the mighty rush of Niagara.  The light coats of round two worked much better.
 We have had this bicycle art lying around the house for a year or so.
We loved it, but wound up being a bit too dark and rustic for our taste.  Womp Womp.  So it sat until I convinced Kerry that it would look sweet, you guessed it, pink!  He sprayed the frame and I covered the inside with this handmade paper.
What do you think?  We are kinda really digging it.  I imagine that the top of the piano will change every so often, so this smattering of items was just what we had on hand.  It is amazing what a pink piano does to a room. 
We are thinking of painting chunky stripes on the wall now that we have made friends with Mr. Frog and his green tape.  Thoughts? 

For the love of a manly man and a pink piano!


  1. Cute piano room and piano! Striped may be super cute though I like it as is, too.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we too go back and forth too about striping. Have a great weekend!

  2. Ah!! Looks amazing! I absolutely love it. :) And I love the bike pic too!



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