Sisterly Lullaby.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We often are asked, "How is Ona dealing with having a little sister?"  In not so many words, Ona has been doing great.  She is pretty crazy about her baby sister.  She has nicknamed her, "I" and it has caught on.  Official first nickname.  You can tell that Ona really wants Ila to play.  She is already teaching her how to roll the ball.
She likes to pretend to read to her as well and try to hold her hand.
Is it just me or does that photo give a glimpse of what a sisterly cat fight will look like in a few years?  What am I saying?  My girls will never fight.  A mom can dream right?  Ha.  Really though, the few moments of toddler jealousy is lost in Ona's love for her sister.  This morning I found her singing Ila a morning lullaby.  When I mopped my melting mom heart off the floor and grabbed my camera Ona had stopped what sounded like, "I-ya, I-ya, I-ya," but the second verse was pretty cute.

Did you catch Ila's beaming smile?  Ona's the only one that can do that on command.  Wish I had the same lack of inhibition as my big girl.  She loves so well.  At the end of the video she is asking me where Sockie, her sock blanket, is.  Sockie deserves a post of her own, so be excited for that.

Oh, sisterly love!



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