Ona is Twenty Months.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ona turned twenty months today. 
This age is hilarious!  We find ourselves just watching Ona.  She is such a little human with a huge personality.  Her favorite things are to sing song, "I ya (Ila), I ya (Ila), I ya (Ila)" (alll day long), play with everything, but her toys, bang on the piano, and eat while standing on the kitchen chairs.  She is learning to count and her favorite numbers are five and nine.  Ona loves bribes in the form of all things sweet.  We try to limit this, well, except when we are trying to get her to sit on a piece of fabric and smile.  Yes, yogurt covered raisins made for the sweetest outtakes in a looong time.  Here are our favorites.
These photos epitomize our favorite big sister.  She has certainly stolen our hearts and our funny bones.


  1. I love them! She has such a sweet sassy little personality!! Cant wait for our girls to be able to play together!

  2. Such a cutie. You can tell she has a BIG personality!



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