Monday, April 22, 2013

Yesterday was a rather picture perfect afternoon.  Ona took an extra long nap, while Ila and I organized recipes and wrote out this week's grocery list among other not-so-harmless house chores all to the rare tune of HGTV.  Everything sweet and nice until we went to get Ona up from her nap and found her donning a beret and working on her latest art project.  The medium?  Let's just say it is man made and rhymes with two.  I can't fault her for her creativity, but seriously?  I will spare you the masterpiece.  After leaving her for a minute while Ona took a dump dunk in the tub I came back to this.
With Sheryl Crow pounding through my brain ("Isn't it ironic..."), all I could think of were these four words.

I am in trouble.

Sister like sister ... already.


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