The Sketchbook Project 2013.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Last year I was totally inspired/intrigued with a sketchbook project that my sweet friend, Leigh, participated in. It was then that I tucked the idea of doing it one day in my heart.  So when sign-ups rolled around this year, I was in.  What is The Sketchbook Project?

"It's like a road trip, but with sketchbooks."

The Sketchbook Project is a global, crowd-sourced art project where participants from all walks of life are sent a sketchbook and have until January 15th to fill the pages and return it for inclusion in a traveling exhibition and permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library. Anyone – from anywhere in the world – can participate in the project. (I borrowed the description from here).
I tossed around ideas a many, but in the end decided that I wanted to create something for my girls.  In college, two of my best friends and I road tripped it to New York for a random long weekend.  We did crazy fun things like check out art shows, swing by the gotta see list, and only eat one hot meal the entire time.  It was the best.  I have no doubt that my girls will be just as adventurous.  In twenty years, remind my sweaty mom palms that it is okay to let them go.  When they do I hope they swing by the Brooklyn Art Library and stumble upon a sketchbook that was written especially for them.  Its called Gorgeous.  It is a super simple little book that is there to remind them that now and always they are gorgeous and that others are too.  I had grand ideas for the sketching portion of the book, but I forgot that most of my awake moments would be dedicated to my uber pregnant self chasing a certain sixteen month old.  I ended up going pretty simplistic by zigzag stitching fabric on opposing pages to the text throughout the book.  At the end there is a little note folded in a square.  When opened it says, "Love, Mom."  Aww. ;) 

While I brace myself for that hey mom I am roadtripping to... conversation in twenty years, I am already counting down the days until we take the girls to climb the Statue of Liberty and swing by the Brooklyn Art Library to check out call number 204.16-5.  In the meantime, I will countdown the days until the project tours Chicago this summer!  You can check out the digital version of Gorgeous here.

Oh, and definitely swing by and visit the amazing collection of artist sketchbooks here.  


  1. I love it Heather! It turned out so great. Love seeing it all together... such a sweet message!

    1. Thank you Laura! It was a lot of fun to work on and man do our girls need to know that they are gorgeous in this crazy world, eh?



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