Healthy Cookies.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I have been searching high and low for a healthier cookie to make for the fam that doesn't taste straight out of the ground.  Tell me I am not the only one who thinks some more organic/healthy recipes wind up tasting a smidge like grass?  I mean you feel healthy eating them, but then are left wanting a big 'ole fatty chocolate chip cookie chaser.  Sally's Baking Addiction's healthy pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe sounded like a good balance.  A bit of grass with a bit of chocolate if you will.  Ona helped destroyed the kitchen while I made the simple recipe.  Ona and I give it two thumbs up!  Now off to the day's next adventure, which may or may not include sneaking a few more cookies.
Have a healthy dessert recipe?  We are always looking!


  1. Hey, my friend Heather Reese gave me a yummy recipe for Chewy Whole Wheat Cookies with chocolate on top and they are delicious and pretty healthy. I'll text you the recipe! These look delish too!



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