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Monday, March 18, 2013

We finished the girls' art space over the weekend and I am in lurve.  If you follow me (@someday_my_favorite) on Instagram you have seen art happenings taking place in a high chair, standing on kitchen chairs, and with no chairs at all aka: the floor. That is all well and good, but it just seemed like the right time to venture into the next stage of making our home kid friendly.  Some people call it a formal living room, but the room adjacent to our living room was rarely used.  It has an old school piano and had a couple of red booths that we scored at an auction a few years back.
This picture gives you a bitty visual of what the corner looked like two weeks ago.  Well we hauled out the booths (next destination tbd) to make way for a little art nook (source list at bottom of post).
It is super simple, but perhaps one of my favorite places in the house.  We wanted to make it personal and you know I love me a good frame collage.  
There seemed to be a lot of corner dead space, so to fill 'er up we hung three paper lanterns.  For fun I tried to gain the perspective of a 31" tall 1 1/2 year old gazing up at the beauts.  #thisismyideaoffun
The little chairs are the best.  They were our biggest splurge, but after reading countless reviews they seemed quality.  So when grandma came and plopped down in one to color with Ona, the only thing I had to worry about picking up off the floor were a few rouge crayons.  That makes me feel good.  You know what else makes me feel good?  Cute places to hide kid stuff.  
See that bitty storage ottoman and storage box hidden beneath the table?  Bam, extra decorative storage!  Currently I have some card stock in the ottoman and a handful of coloring books, popsicle sticks, and other art oddities in the storage box.
Oh, and that other white stool we keep around for extra mom/dad seating.  It gets serious when mom, dad, and Ona get their color on.  Speaking of serious business, guess who busted out the watercolors and printed this bunny during naptime?  
It is going to be awesome ... and a royal mess.  Woot!  Three cheers for an artsy space that doesn't involve sprawling on the hardwoods. 

Here's a bitty source list for you.
Storage Ottoman-Hobby Lobby
Frames- Ikea & Home Goods
Storage boxes & Stool-Ikea


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