A Fuzzy Bunny.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We love us some art projects as of late probably thanks to a bitty art area that we have been working on.
I will have a full breakdown of the project soon.  We are just waiting on a couple items to make it complete.  Here's a hint, it rhymes with daper banterns.  ;)  Anyways, I have been racking my brain for Easter and/or spring art projects to do with a nineteen month old.  I stumbled upon this sweet list of ideas.  Working with what we had at home this morning, I decided to try out the Cotton Ball Bunny craft with Ona.  After drawing a wholly imperfect bunny and cutting it out as our backdrop, we got to work gluing the cotton balls on.
 After we filled in all of the excess white cardboard space, we turned 'er over and did some more gluing.  This time to a 12" x 12" sheet of glittery scrapbook paper.
I thought it turned out so sweet, that I decided to frame it in an extra Ikea frame we had sitting in the basement and hang it in our front foyer.
Woah, over exposure.  Here is a better close-up.
It was so simple.  I love how imperfect it is, but still screams cute bunny with a side of Cadbury eggs for good measure.  Yum, Cadbury eggs.  Rabbit trail.  I have got to stop.

Wonder if we'll get to the other twenty crafts on that idea list...


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