Onward Woman Challenge.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When I hit the twenty-seven week mark waaaay back (pregnancy makes everything seem a smidge longer) in November, I issued myself a challenge.  I lovingly referred to my self-imposed challenge as the, "for the love of all things, I've got less than three months left in this pregnancy, so onward woman" challenge.  Really!  My dorky spreadsheet looked like this.

Well, last night I sealed the deal, threw in the towel, called this sucka complete ... 100 miles baby!  Whew, there were weeks when I really didn't think it was possible.  It took me thirty-five separate occasions, averaging just over 2.8 miles a walk.  Last night may have skewed the average just a bit.  Kerry suggested insisted that I needed to finish to the tune of 4.2 miles before baby girl would even think of coming.  I dare say that he is more anxious than I am for this girl to arrive.  So here is my dorky 100 mile celebratory pose.
Gotta love the leggings and sneakers look.  Eww.  This girl's official due date is five days away, but "mommy finished her challenge so you can come now."  #speakinglikeananxiousdaddy

Fingers crossed that all this walking will be just the ticket to an easy peasy delivery.  A mom can hope, right?

Anybody else walking their buns baby bellies off?  And how much ice cream are you eating as a reward afterwards?  All I can say ... ashamed.


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