One and a Half.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Somebody pinch me.  I am now the proud momma to a one and a half year old.  Madness I tell you.  This month's photo shoot was pretty epic.  By epic I mean we took over two hundred photos and this was the best one.
Really, our girl was super hilarious the whole time with her crazy laughing and dancing.  Kind of like this.

Totally fun, but sooo hard to photograph.  We tried our sneaky snack trick, but she dropped her yogurt covered raisin down her shirt.  Dangit.
 Then we tried a few props, but they kind of took over.
Kerry had this brilliant idea.
Needless to say this face epitomizes what the whole adventure was like.  Fun.
In the end, Ona stole my cell phone and plopped down and proceeded to ham it up for the camera.  So at the risk of looking like total toddler techie parents, I give you Ona's eighteen month photo.
This picture is Ona, full of heart(s).  Can't wait for her to be a big sister!  Speaking of which, baby girl is slated to arrive sometime in the next two weeks.  Ah!


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