Baking Letter Lessons.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I am no sweets baker.  I mean the occasional cake or cookie, maybe.  But with a super energetic toddler, sugar cookie mix, and a long Sunday afternoon, we baked.  Because it totally makes sense to fill an already overly enthusiastic toddler with even more sugar.  Genius.  A couple years ago, Kerry bought me a set of alphabet cookie cutters and I'll admit it, never.opened.them.  However, they seemed like a pretty sweet teaching tool to work on letters with Ona.  We laid out all of the letters and may or may not have sung the alphabet song.  I rolled out pancaked with my hands three dough circles and set out O-N-A.
Ona and I talked about names and that those three letters make up her name.
She caught on to the concept really well.
She couldn't resist a taste though.
I know, my toddler had a bitty bite of raw egg.  Maybe my type A personality is subsiding? Or maybe I am simply embracing a new mom-of-two-any-day-now-just-roll-with-it mentality?  My vote is for the latter, especially since A got a lick too.  Ha. 
 We ended up making a bunch of non-licked letters too.
You'll never guess which ones were her favorite. 
She chomped on each letter as an after dinner snack.  Now the question, were those the licked ones or did we feed those to daddy?  #mommydaughtersecrets.

If you are looking for an interesting toddler baking + learning adventure, this activity was super easy and fun.  All you need is sugar cookie dough, wax paper, alphabet cookie cutters, and a dash of patience.  If you are in need of your own alphabet set, this letterpress version looks pretty sweet!  Be still my biased heart.


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