A Week Old, Seriously?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our baby girl is already a week old!  This past week has been brimming with a lot of family time, cuddles, and our fair share of diaper changing.  A perfect recipe for me, well minus the diaper changing.  Ona had a bit of rough time with the transition at first, but she has settled into one heck of a fabulous big sister.  Don't know if you caught that we started Project Ila, a weekly photo of Ila on a fabric background.  We did the same for Ona and still spend waaay too much time looking back at how she has grown in the past year and a half.  Here is miss Ila's first two photos.
And our favorite week one outtakes.
Before Kerry packed away the camera, he snagged a few of me and my baby girl.
We are nerdily excited to see Project Ila come to fruition.

Crazy to think that one week ago we were getting ready to run a few errands, totally oblivious to the fact that this girl was planning on making her grand entrance a few hours later.  And somebody please press the pause button.  A week old?  Ah!


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